Vlad (Bugaboh) and Natalya (Afromuza) first began performing together in 2011 under the name of Bugaboh & Afrodite at various super clubs around London such as Ministry of Sound, The Egg, and Pacha, as well as East London bars and overseas venues and festivals. Pleasures is their new project of original music that brings together a cross-section of musical influences to form a unique type of techno.

The sound of Pleasures is a blend of energetic techno with smoky Sade-esque vocals. Throughout the performance, intricate rhythms and melodies are mixed with live vocals for a euphoric listening experience.

It wasn't always smooth sailing, due to visa issues, they were forced to spend two years soul-searching in the antipodes which lead them back to Europe.

They returned to London to focus on their own production and live performances. With a clear vision, they have been working on original material whilst playing in London as well as continental Europe.

Pleasures have played at Beats4Love 2016 and Let It Roll On Tour 2017. In May 2017 their first release was a remix of Mr Fernandez' "Ode 2 Spring".  Since then, they have composed a score and soundtrack for a Stefan Allesch-Taylor short film. In 2018 they played at HogSozzle festival and began working on the launch of their debut EP “Kora” which was released in September this year. You can catch Pleasures playing at Hackney venues such as Hackney Empire, 3 Compasses Dalston, White Post Cafe,  warehouse parties, just check out their shows section to be in the know.

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