Fully Mastered Track Has Come Through!

We've just received the mastered copy of our first single! This is a really exciting moment for us as we've been working on this techno release for quite some time, getting all of the elements together. That means: Track ✓ Video ✓

Cover Art ✓ Photos for press kit - IN PROGRESS

Write up for press kit - IN PROGRESS

So where can you listen to the track? Well that's the thing. Now begins the process of label submission. Once we have all the above ticked off the list, we start asking for some ears at suitable labels. If you have any in mind that you think will suit our style, please let us know. We do have a digital distribution company that we've signed up to, but we want to see if we can release it through a label and possible get signed to make more music with them first. It would be the proverbial dream come true for us to land a label deal. We just have to search for the techno label that resonates with our ethos and that can be tricky. In the mean time, we're playing Soul Sauce on Fridays at White Post Cafe and are working on some warehouse concepts for later on in the year. If you're putting on an event and need some tunage shoot us an email and we'll tailor something up for you.

Hoping that you're having a fabulous Feb! P.L.U.R PLEASURES