What We're Up to in 2019

Yes it's a new year and our goal is to serve you up a piece of us

Happy 2019 to everyone on this journey! Last year was massive in putting together material and this year we are finally going to release our original music and experimental techno. If you want to listen in on our stuff this is the place to be. Thank you for the support along the way. We appreciate every kind word, piece of advice and encouragement. Thanks for being our tribe!

Our 2019 Mission

As mentioned above, we're planning to release the original music we've been promising ourselves and others for a long time. We've been working towards this for 7 years. We built our studio with our hard earned funds and put ourselves through music courses and workshops. We've been to music meet-ups and open studios. We've put on our own events and played at festivals and warehouse parties. We've partied hard and observed the best in the world, enjoying every moment of it. We are independent artists. We have no label support or sponsorship. We have invested all the money we've every earned into two things: 1 Being together* 2 Music If you have ever faced hardship and adversity, our music is for you. If you've ever felt like music is the only medicine, this is for you. If you want to hear what rebellion, dedication and growth sounds like. This is all for you. This is our truth. Love, Pleasures *that's a whole other blog post if you wanna read about it you'll be able to soon. #technomusic #pleasuresjourney